The Maine Boat Builder’s Show

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What are you doing for the St. Patricks day weekend?  Kraft Power will be at the Maine Boat Builder’s Show, in downtown Portland.  This show is always fun, there are always a lot of mariners and boat builders, shopping, networking, and showing off their new gear.  We’re excited to see what everyone has to offer this year!

The marine group here at Kraft is very excited to present the LMG 4000, an exciting new addition to our line of marine generators.   The unit looks great, runs quiet, and puts out more than 4kw at 3600 rpm. We’ve mounted it on a test stand so you can hear it run.  The LMG 4000 is made in Italy by Lombardini, a diesel engine company with a history of producing durable small diesel engines and generators.  You’ve probably seen the small marine diesel generators made by Fischer Panda or Mastervolt, the Lombardini is similar, but a bit more compact and includes some higher quality components like a stainless steel heat exchanger.

Kraft Power is also offering a 6kw unit, propulsion engines from 13hp to 87hp, and sail drives from Lombardini.

A group of us went to the Lombardini Marine factory last week and saw manufacture the marine products.  The place looks great and we were impressed by the extent to which everything is quality tested before it gets packed up to go.  The propulsion engines are tested with a special tank that simulates the variable load propulsion engines have to take due to waves.  The marine generators are tested in hot and cold conditions so we know they’ll perform wherever you take them.

It’s also nice to put a face on the people who back this product and review any warranty claims.

Kraft Power will also be showcasing Kohler Marine Generators and Hamilton Jet water propulsion systems.  Please come by to check out our products or to just say “hi”, either way we look forward to seeing you!

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