Ignition Components

Improve your engine’s performance and reduce your operating costs with engine controls, ignition systems, and replacement components from Kraft Power. High-quality branded industrial spark plugs, coils and wiring systems, and our own developments for high engine performance and rapid service.

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Ignition Systems and Conversion Kits

Kraft Power offers everything to do with ignition and ignition control for stationary gas engines.

Ignition Systems and Conversion Kits

Complete Ignition Systems

One of our strengths is offering our customers system solutions as well as individual components. Our complete pre-assembled and factory-tested ignition systems permit a quick and easy assembly – saving you time and money.

The ignition modules are fully programmable for the number of cylinders, are configurable for OEM timing disk patterns and feature an on-board visual status indicator.

Ignition systems are available in the following configurations:

  • For all engines of 2 – 20 cylinders
  • Capacitive Discharge ignition
  • Inductive ignition
  • Silicone ignition leads
  • Cable loops in lengths requested by you
  • Optional complete wiring harness’s pre-assembled in highly durable “rails” for efficient, safe and clean cable management.

Save a large amount of time and costs by installing “open” systems – KRAFT POWER makes it easy for you.

Ignition Conversion Kits

Today, many older engines are still equipped with ignition systems which are no longer technically up-to-date. These normally mechanical ignition generators are subject to constant wear-and-tear, therefore the operation of these systems is often linked with high maintenance and repair costs.

DENSO® Spark Plugs with Iridium electrodes for Industrial Use

Efficient and durable spark plugs, which preserve your gas engine and our environment. All common spark plugs available from stock.

CHAMPION® Spark Plugs with Platinum Electrodes for 
Industrial Use

All common spark plugs available from stock.

BERU® Spark Plugs with Iridium Electrodes for Industrial Use

Products for demanding engine concepts and strict environmental requirements.
All common spark plugs available from stock.

To ensure flawless spark plug installation, it is important to use quality sealing rings only. Our recommendation: Install new sealing rings at every spark plug change!

Spark Plug Accessories and Tools

Magnetic Spark Plug Extension Sockets Available in: 13/16", 15/16", 7/8, 1"- socket sizes Lengths from 12"-30" Custom sizes and lengths available

Gapping tools for four pronged multiple pronged spark plugs Various gap and thread sizes available




Spark Plug Thread and seat cleaning tools All sizes available

Ignition Coils

Complete range of inductive and capacitive discharge ignition coils to ensure optimum engine performance while controlling your operating costs

Spark Plug Extensions

Shielded and Unshielded Spark Plug Extensions and Primary Leads

Custom and OEM replacement spark plug extensions and cables for Waukesha, Caterpillar, Cummins and other gas engines